Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: My phone, a Rollei Sportsline 85 and a Kodak Pixpro AZ 365

Q: How tall are you?
A: I’m 1,60m, that’s a little bit more than 5’2”. People tend to think I’m taller.

Q: Where do you live?
A: I just moved to Hannover, Lower Saxony (Germany).

Q: You (used to) collect words. What languages do you speak?
A: My native language is German, but I speak, write and hear a lot of English in my everyday life (I make mistakes from time to time, though, so please don’t mind). I also started learning French in 2012. I’ve dabbled in other languages as well, given that I used to study philology for a year. I had two semesters of contemporary and old Irish, a short course in Breton and six horrible school years of Latin I don’t really like to talk about. For my word lists I rely heavily on dictionaries I find at the university library and several language editions of Wiktionary. If I get something wrong there, please don’t hesitate to correct me!

Q:  All the people you keep mentioning have such weird extraordinary names. WTF?
A: I tend to use names people use for themselves on the internet. Or if they don’t have usable nicks I make one up for them to use here. One example would be my boyfriend: He’s Scoundrel because he stole my heart (Yes, I went there. It’s kitschy. I love it.) and he’s somewhat rougeish. Or his best friend: He’s Weirdboi because he tends to play spellcasters in RPGs. Weirdbois are orc wielders of magic in Warhammer 40k.
I also love a good story behind a name.

Q: Apropos names: What does “Hedgefairy” mean?
A: It’s the nick I started writing this blog with, and I’m still surprisingly happy with it, I must have done it right this time.
The Old High German word “hagazussa” means a spirit or fae being that has something to do with hedges – either she rides on them or her influence reach to the next one. The word later became “hecse” – “Hecke” is still the word for hedge in German, and “Hag” is a Hedge, too – in Middle High German and afterwards “Hexe” in modern High German. “Hexe” simply translates to “witch”. So, a hedge fairy is basically a witch. I liked the term, so I kept it.

Q: What are your nerd allegiances?
A: Hogwarts: Hufflepuff (Gryffindor Hatstall) | Changeling: The Dreaming: Seelie Nocker | Alignment: Chaotic Good | Game Of Thrones: House Baratheon – Mine is the Fury | Grimm: Luisant-Pêcheur, concept art variation

Q: Isn’t dumpster diving dangerous/unhygienic?
A: As long as you are aware of the legal status of what you are doing in your respective area and are with friends who can help you if you can’t get out of the dumpster again or if your haul is too heavy to carry you’re fine. The haul is being cleaned thoroughly, too, of course.
As for the hygiene question: We ususally wear rubber gloves, firm footwear and designated clothing. Everything gets cleaned when we come home. The person in the dumpster also wears a bandana with fragrant oils over their mouth and nose just in case they encounter the leftovers of a meat counter (yuck, believe me).

Q: A witch? Seriously?
A: Hey, other bloggers write about their love for God and Jesus or their Easter and Christmas. I write about sigils and my holidays, it’s not so very different, just another kind of spirituality.

Q: Can I use pictures and/or content from your blog?
A: Yes, as long as you link back. I’d also love it if you left a comment about where you used them. Also, if you pin something from this blog, please don’t remove the link and make sure you link back to the specific post or page you pinned from, not just the main page. As for tutorials, please just use one picture and then link back. And, of course, don’t claim my content as your own. Thanks!

Q: What fonts do you use?
A: Usually I link back to the fonts I use under the specific pictures I used them in. For my Dreadlock FAQ I used Isla Bella and the header is Pokoljaro.

More questions? Write me a note in the comments of via thehollylion[at]gmail.com!

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