101/1001 | Day Zero Project

101 in 1001There’s this thing called the Day Zero Project. It sounds a bit like something from a dystopian post-apocalyptic narrative concept. It’s not, though. It’s a bit like new year’s resolutions meets bucket list, but stretched over a slightly more realistic time span – about three years, give or take. I started this (my fourth) incarnation of the list on March 19th, 2019 so I’ll aim to check off as much as possible from the list until December 14th, 2021. It might not be everything then but I’ll just be happy for the progress I made in any case. Because, you know, it’s all about the way there, anyway.

Tally: 16/101

In Progress

  1. Get my business license
  2. Open an online shop
  3. Finish Uni before my 30th
  4. Manage Crow position in yoga
  5. Practise yoga every day for one moon
  6. Meet my friends abroad in person
  7. Go to Scotland
  8. Start drawing a webcomic
  9. Go swimming 19 times 1/19
  10. Make 3 videos about Hanover -/3
  11. Visit Amsterdam
  12. “Win” Inktober
  13. Visit the Lüneburg Heath
  14. Make 9 videos about made-up subcultures -/9
  15. Go to the theatre, ballet or opera
  16. Cosplay
  17. Make an effort to learn about my city
  18. Go climbing or bouldering
  19. Visit France
  20. Get rid of another 111 things
  21. Take 19 outfit photos or film looks 4/19
  22. Read all Borrower books
  23. Visit Japan
  24. Make cocktail recipes for all Bastion spirits
  25. Hike through the Scottish midlands
  26. Sit in 3 more artist alleys 1/3
  27. Visit 11 museums 2/11 (Roemer-Pelizäus Hildesheim, Stadtmuseum Hameln)
  28. Go to Drachenfest
  29. Explore abandoned Alpine villages in Italy
  30. Dye with onion skins
  31. Knit something
  32. Lose another five kilos or so
  33. Dye with avocado again
  34. Sew something from a bought pattern
  35. Make something with Rowan berries
  36. Learn soldering
  37. Adapt a pastry recipe for vegetarians
  38. Make and upload 9 Media Mukbangs -/9
  39. Crochet something
  40. Get a new bowstring
  41. Get a new record player
  42. Design and sew a themed collection of 9 pieces
  43. Floor-board the balcony
  44. Make bath bombs
  45. Make a calendar to print and sell
  46. Fill an entire sketchbook
  47. Finish playing 3 games 2/3 (Deponia | Unavowed)
  48. Take a goldsmithing class
  49. Visit 5 new cities or towns in Germany 2/5 (Hildesheim, Hamburg)
  50. Go to the Seaside
  51. Publish a zine
  52. Film a house tour
  53. Make ice cream
  54. Watch 3 black-and-white movies -/3
  55. Go to Tuesday / Saturday work by bike 11 times -/11
  56. Make a new Müllbarock crown and photoshoot it
  57. Visit a faerie festival
  58. Try rust dye
  59. Learn lino print cutting
  60. Get Meriastron team shirts or jackets
  61. Make a quilt for myself
  62. Add 9 more plants to the herbarium -/9
  63. Make paste-ups
  64. Try 19 new recipes 10/19 (no-sugar brownies, peanut cheesecake, mini chocolate cakes, coffee chocolate cake, pumpkin salad, pumpkin marble cake, chestnut pasta sauce, espresso cupcakes, kale pasta sauce, chocolate chiffon cake)
  65. Make 5 tutorials or patterns -/5
  66. Go mushroom foraging
  67. Get a tattoo gun
  68. Re-design the blog
  69. Shoot a short film in a lost place
  70. Make jewellery from old cutlery
  71. Take part in MerMay
  72. Back a Kickstarter
  73. Find a favourite non-chain coffee place in Hanover
  74. Shoot 9 rolls of film -/9
  75. Sew a pair of non-drawstring pants
  76. Get or make a pair of aquatic fae latex ears
  77. Dye with acorns
  78. Take time to celebrate Equinoxes, Solstices and Full Moons
  79. Re-upholster the sofa
  80. Go to a concert (LYDT Nov. 2019, Bielefeld)
  81. Build Fetch
  82. Watch Wes Anderson’s entire filmography
  83. Go see a live performance of the Nutcracker
  84. Borrow a cello and try playing
  85. Record 3 songs -/3
  86. Learn basic Dutch
  87. Try fire-pit pottery making
  88. Draw 7 tarot or Lenormand cards 2/7 (Four of Pentacles, Four of Cups)
  89. Learn to identify another 8 constellations -/8
  90. Build a pinhole camera and use it
  91. Learn to develop photographs with household fluids
  92. Visit Edinburgh
  93. Learn basic animation
  94. Go dumpster diving again
  95. Find bones or antlers in the woods
  96. Learn to use enamel powder
  97. Get a Lavender plant
  98. Watch 3 French films with original audio (subs are fine) -/3
  99. Get my ear re-pierced
  100. Get underwater footage of myself as a mermaid
  101. Make a new list