♦ 101 things in 1001 days

There’s this thing called the Day Zero Project. It sounds a bit like something from a dystopian post-apocalyptic narrative concept. One of the challenges they seem to have originated is the one presented here.

This is my third installment of this specific challenge. Read about the earlier ones here and here. Anyway, the idea is to finish the list of 101 tasks in 1001 days. It’s a nicer time span to actually achieve things, in contrast to new year’s resolutions which I view more as a thing of a moment’s spur (and 365 days can be rather short).

I started this list on February 20th 2016, so the 101/1001 III would end on November 17th 2018 if I hadn’t reviewed it in March ’17, replacing 15 items, thus adding 150 days, making the end date April 16th 2019. Plenty of time to do awesome things and have great adventures.

25 done, 77 still to go.

  1. Move.
  2. Visit the seaside. (Zandvoort, Northern Holland, Netherlands)
  3. Go to Scotland.
  4. Go swimming 13 times. 7/13
  5. Visit 13 museums. 3/13
  6. Get rid of 101 item.
  7. Get clasps for my harp.
  8. Sit in 3 artist alleys.
  9. Get my bloody B.A. degree.
  10. Win NaNoWriMo again.
  11. Attend a concert (Les Yeux D’la Tête, Marburg 2/2016).
  12. Visit 3 castles. 0/3
  13. Go to Drachenfest or Epic Empires > next list
  14. Go sailing.
  15. Wear Lolita 13 times. 2/13
  16. Get another tattoo.
  17. Go back to Amsterdam.
  18. Go to London.
  19. Have a Meriastron group photo shoot.
  20. Attend a LARP outside of my fantasy comfort zone
  21. Visit Berlin.
  22. Take a ballet class.
  23. Go rowing on a lake or river.
  24. Have 5 picnics. 2/5
  25. Draw a tarot deck. 0/78 cards
  26. Learn soldering.
  27. Make cocktail recipes for all Bastion spirits (and post them).
  28. Try 13 new recipes. 10/13 (cinnamon-chocolate cake, pear-apple chiffon muffins, Autumn Equinox quiche, spice apple cake, cinnamon apple loaf, potato loaf, lazy curry, pumpkin pastries, pasta with Alfredo sauce, salmon on veggies)
  29. Back a Kickstarter.
  30. Learn enough Dutch for a simple conversation.
  31. Learn to identify 5 constellations other than Ursa Minor and Orion. 0/5
  32. Do yoga every day for a month.
  33. Learn 3 new knots. 1/3
  34. Make a Amy Brown-esque fairy costume and wear it somewhere.
  35. Get a driver’s licence.
  36. Make a banner/button/thing for my “online tribe”.
  37. Have 5 bonfires. 3/5
  38. Learn 5 historical dances. 1/5 (Juice of Barley)
  39. Ride the old-fashioned merry-go-round in Frankfurt in Lolita and take pictures.
  40. Dye pale pink stripes into my sidecut.
  41. Learn Sütterlin writing and keep it in my head this time.
  42. Visit the ballet.
  43. Find my analogue camera (or get a new one). I’m using my Dad’s now.
  44. Shoot a roll of film (or one disposable camera) quarterly. 3/2016. 1/2017. 1/2018
  45. Get a projector.
  46. Attend a Steampunk Convention.
  47. Frame my Edge of the World Bookshop paper bag and hang it.
  48. Develop a vegetarian or vegan version of my favourite British pastry recipe.
  49. Draw and publish a webcomic.
  50. Learn how to make sound samples.
  51. Make a Crows in Trees sample.
  52. Design a font (and upload it).
  53. Write and record 5 songs. 0/5
  54. Compose/write/arrange a song with sound samples.
  55. Try Mermaiding
  56. Open an Etsy shop.
  57. Read 20 books (books for uni don’t count).
  58. Try forging.
  59. Get back to a 75cm waist.
  60. Take part in Inktober.
  61. Ride a steam train – dolled up if possible
  62. Make a “living picture” cosplay.
  63. Overhaul my blog design
  64. Weave a basket.
  65. Try pit-fired pottery making.
  66. Master a session of Changeling: The Dreaming ten times (at least). 1/10
  67. Go outside for one hour per day for a month. -/30
  68. Celebrate the wheel of the year.
  69. Have a decided me-/princess day once a month (and blog about it if possible).
  70. Make bento at least once a week for ~6 months. 1/24
  71. Go climbing 3 times. 0/3
  72. Manage winged eyeliner.
  73. Go to the sauna 3 times. 1/3
  74. Make cream puffs.
  75. Learn to play my mandolin.
  76. Go ice-skating 3 times. 0/3
  77. Draw in 5 museums. 0/5
  78. Attend a Lolita meet-up.
  79. Sew a JSK.
  80. Make and post 3 tutorials/patterns/recipes.
  81. Draw/paint a new self portrait, either Art Nouveau-style or pseudo-historical.
  82. Make ram’s horns to wear.
  83. Get character pictures taken of Noionella de Hague-Magvalie (steampunk or fantasy).
  84. Sew a frilly apron.
  85. Have/host a sew-along.
  86. Make a Merida cosplay.
  87. Make the Butterick 5970 blouse.
  88. Grow something edible in the backyard.
  89. Cleanse my place quarterly.
  90. Make a silk banner for Meriastron.
  91. Try absinthe.
  92. Have living herbs in the new place.
  93. Use the enamel powder I inherited.
  94. Fit Scoundrel’s ring.
  95. Sew a velveteen justaucorps.
  96. Find a favourite café in Hanover.
  97. Take 101 outfit pictures. 15/101
  98. Needle-bind something.
  99. Knit something.
  100. Crochet something.
  101. Make a new list.