Chives and Fat Sheep

I’m not only a hedgefairy, I’m a fairy godmother, too. My protégée often calls me a “fairly scary fairy godmother” and he can be very special in his behaviour, but this afternoon he was really nice to handle.

He takes part in a musical performance at our old con jointed school and wanted me to be his singing coach – a fact that is quite a compliment – so he came home with me after school (he visits a different one than I do, but they are on the same land). After a while another friend of us, the pianist of my band Spectre dropped over, so he could play the piano while my protégée and I were singing.

Because of all the joyous singing and the amazing fact that our pianist can play nearly every popsong he’s ever heard without notes in a minute, I forgot that I had to pick up something for my mother from a store downtown, but gladly I was not to late.

When I went to the supermarket I bought a cute litte fat sheep pendant from “Shaun the Sheep” which is now hanging down from a spoke of my umbrella ^^.

And finally, I started to sew my new circular skirt, the border is already done, but there’s still a little work to do, so I’ll say good night for today after I had my cheese-and-chive sandwich.


Any thoughts?

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