Spring is coming, the fairy’s singing


I feel this good today!

I got a quite good mark at maths today (well, I’m not a genius there, so it’s officially just average, but it’s great for me) and I wore my new DIY top at school and it looks so pretty!

Now I’m sitting here at home, sipping at my elder lemonade, listening to swing music and altering one of my old t-shirts.

I really love swing music. I don’t know why, but it gives me dancing feet, just like the film Hairspray says in its first song.

I’ve got so many sewing projects and to much blue fabric. Actually, blue isn’t a colour that suits me well. I’m reddish blonde and have green eyes, so I look if I was sick when I wear it… Well, the metres of smoky blue cord are already set for a swallow-tail-justaucorpse-mixed thing for Bertolt, the pianist of my band. It matches his eye colour perfectly, so what stands more to reason? It will be for performances, if we ever should get some.

Spectre ist a little lost in the woods surrounding it at the moment and I just can’t get my songs finished. We’re doing some covering and folk now, but the real Spectre is still to discover since we don’t get on with the original songs we’ve got so far…

The name was chosen after the little village in the film Big Fish (by Tim Burton), one of my favourites and was the only one we all could agree with and I think it goes quite well at least with the kind of music I want to play, an assortment of swing, rockabilly, folk, classical influence, maybe musical and gothic. Oh well.

But I’m still feeling good and relieved with my maths mark, so just before I go and spoil it by thinking about problems that don’t have to exist, I close for today.


Any thoughts?

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