A lot to be done

I’m reading Gone with the wind again at the moment and I still love it. Most people think it’s a simple boring tearjerker, but really: it’s not. The novel is quite sarcastic and even feministic according to Scarlett’s business and her animosity against the stiff rules of the society she lives in.

There’s so much I’ve got to do: Write my statement essay for ethics class about conspiracy theories, sew my graduation dress, hold a steampunk LARP, write a book, draw my comics again because I don’t like the older versions any more, clean up my room and keep it tidy, sew an everyday dress and an old-fashioned bathing suit and so on.

I don’t feel very motivated right now, but maybe this will change tomorrow… And I can’t find my favourite cookbook!

What a mess. But maybe I get to sew my ruff this week.


Any thoughts?

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