Monday comes with Silent Paws

Oh well, another week has passed and I fear I didn’t do any of these things listed below except my ethics essay.

I’ve got two presentations to hold this Thursday, one on conspiracy theories in ethics class and one on Carl Friedrich Schinkel, a Prussian architect of neogothic and neoclassicism. He even built a lighthouse, and I love lighthouses. ^^

Another thing to be done is the “gothed up” Barbie for a craft swap at my favourite bulletin-board (currently off-line). I still have to finish her dress and make-up and add some jewellery and maybe a second outfit…

To come to more princess-like matters, I bought the Classical Inspirations magazine this weekend! I showed it to my maternal grandmother and she was as enthusiastic as I were. The little teddy bear with the rose embroidery on his belly is just too cute. My paternal grandfather is going to show me how to carve and I will also ask him to teach me how to stitch “paintings”. He always says that I inherited some of my abilities for crafts from his grandmother who was a tailor and crafts teacher herself…

So, maybe I’m able to show something crafty this week, I’ve been way to faineant lately.


Any thoughts?

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