The mean monster catched me at last

I’m an ill little princess at the moment. Everybody at my school class had had it, and now it’s my turn, as it seems.

Yesterday I had a terrible headache that luckily disappeared tonight. I slept about ten hours, and that’s pretty much for me and as a result I was able to go to school. Now I’ve only got a flu and a sore throat left, but I feel the headache coming back again. So I’m drinking one pot o’ tea after another and hope our weather here is turning better soon, it’s all rain and wind at the moment. The trees outside my window are shaking and the raindrops shatter at the glass and I’m lucky that I went to get bread before the rain began.

I sent my swap-barbie today, and I hope the girl who gets her likes her. To my surprise, I do. Her dress went out quite well when all the lace had been sewn on, and now I can concentrate on my innumerable other projects, including my A-grades.


Any thoughts?

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