Behold the Power of Steam!

The Easter holidays are over, but I’m not that sad about it. I’ll get back my German exam, and am heading straight for the A-grades at the beginning of May.

I spent the last two weeks reading Jane Eyre (that girl really showed me the limits of my English vocabulary), annoying my beloved goblin’s cat, doing sports as I really want to loose weight, shopping with my protégée (who’s not always that easy) and playing steampunk.

And I’m really into the last point. God, I love steampunk.

We’re playing the GURPS P&P at the moment on Friday nights, two times by now. Up to carry an airship, the Hindtanic (guess where the name’s from…) from Prussia to the Great Exhibition in London in an alternative 1851, we’re a quite unusual (or, referring to our game master, my beloved goblin, totally useless) crew of five individuals, featuring among others a chocolatier, a playboy without charm and a reporter. That’s me. I think I’m going to introduce them all in another post when I’ve drawn them.

And today, my Shakespeare collection was enlarged by an 1838 issue in german. And there are ten more to follow ^^.


Any thoughts?

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