Blog Link Avalanche

Well, at least a little one of those that I read regularly.

Princess Portal

Written by Princess Skye who came up with the Princess Code and is a real source of inspiration for the everyday fairytale life.

Through the Looking Glass and What I found there

Mako-chan’s lolita lifestyle blog. Although we live in the same city I haven’t met her yet, but I try to get a deeper look into the whole world of lolita by reading the blogs of other members from my favourite bulletin board.

Milktea Bliss

From the bulletin board, too. Milktea is so creative and, in special, this sweet in the things she sews and crafts that I’m getting a toothache everytime I read her blog.

Crown Flower’s Garden

My protégées blog. He’s not writing much (yet), but maybe that will change one day.

The Bridge Princess’ Chambers

Another one from the bulletin board ^^. She’s an exchange student in Australia at the moment so she’s not writing much either, but I’m patiently waiting for every new post of hers.

Sadly, that’s all, I presume.


5 thoughts on “Blog Link Avalanche

  1. huch, dankeschön! :)
    Wenn du Lolita übrigens mal so ausprobieren möchtest – kann ja sein *g* – komm doch einfach mal auf ein Frankfurter Lolitatreffen? :)

  2. Mal sehen ^^
    Erst mal muss ich mir einen Petticoat nähen, aber dann werd’ ich es sicher mal probieren.

  3. Ich hab grad gesehen, dass du mich hier verlinkt hast – vielen Dank :) Und wirklich ein toller Blog! *jubel*

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