Emilie and Catherine

Weekend is over… again, and there’s a lot to do for me. Really. Last Sunday I sat over a picture until half past one AM for I had to hand it in on Monday morning. This week I’m going to have my first two A-levels (art on Thursday and English on Friday, I’m not really afraid of these and the third which will be German, the only problematic one will be maths), we’re holding a LARP in two months that I sew most of the costumes for, I want to sew my graduation dress and so on.

By the by am I still working for the Emilie Autumn-swap on my favourite bulletin board. Since my Cheshire Cat friend gave me the CDs I’m quite fond of her music. At the moment my play list contains Shalott, Mistress Mine, By The Sword, Always Look On The Bright Side, What If, Ancient Grounds,Marry Me and, of course, my current favourite Chambermaid. I’m still in the Work In Progress phase of the gifts I’m making but I’ll allow you a glance on the fabric I’ve.. well… striped.


I really like how the colour gradient turned out and tomorrow I’ll sew it to its true and final purpose.

I finally rebound my edition of Northanger Abbey! I bough the book as an out-sorted one from our local library and it tried to fall to pieces. Luckily we’ve got a bookbinding workshop at our school, including a great teacher just like the mad hatter, but as a bookbinder ^^) and I was able to rescue Catherine, Isabella, James and Henry from a tattered, afraid-of-readers-for-they-might-fall-into-pieces existence:


Yesterday we played Steampunk – again, and as I’ve drawn some pictures of my character Gemma I’m going to introduce her to you this week.

But for now, it’s a goodbye.


2 thoughts on “Emilie and Catherine

    1. Well, thank you. ^^
      The swaps are organised by some girls from my favourite craft bulletin board, it’s simple signing up. There are swaps on english bulletin boards as well, I think, maybe on craftster.org…

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