The Fairy and The Cards

Tarot is something that has always been familiar to me. My mother used to tell the fortune and sometimes she had me to draw a card, too. So I grew up with that kind of… well, dare I say?… magic as well as with nature’s mystic powers and creatures and light spells to protect myself from people who happened – willing or unwillingly – to harm me.

As I grew older my mother abandoned her Rider Waite deck for another one she liked better then. She did not give it to me for she didn’t want me to inherit her issues and burdens with her cards, a reason that I completely understand as I believe that if we use something intensively for years, we put something of our selves into this object, mostly subliminal.

Well, I’ve got a Rider Waite of my own now and I use the cards that I draw at the beginning of a week as bookmarks (because I don’t have any other and I want my deck to look less new, and believe me, it’s not that easy…).

At the moment I’m listening to Loreena McKennitt’s To the Fairies they Draw Near which is (as you may know) part of the Tinkerbell film soundtrack. I re-watched the film today and switched from a quite bad mood to all happiness and bliss.

Tinkerbell is so steampunk.

Wish me luck for tomorrow’s exam!


Any thoughts?

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