Exams: Two more to go

I had the English exam on Friday. It went quite well, I was the first one to hand the finished exam in after 1 1/2 of 3 1/2 hours. My teacher was pretty baffled and I was too for I expected her to be prepared… I’ve been so not challenged by her lessons over the last two years, she should at least have seen this coming (me handing in this early).

Tomorrow will be the German exam which I don’t really fear – I think it’s no overtaxing to demand me to know my native language…

For the Emilie Autumn-Swap, I’m working at the last parts, but I’m a little grumpy at the moment. I didn’t sleep too well this weekend and had quite weird dreams, I hope it will be better tonight and especially tomorrow: On Tuesday I’ve got to get through my maths exam. Natural sciences are not my subjects (never been), I’m more into arts and languages or at least lessons where speaking ability is needed.  But my teacher told me that I’d get away with a “pass” if  I’m able to write something better than an “unsatisfactory” (which would be “insufficient” and up, should be possible).

Well, I think that’s enough for today. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the little fellow I met in my beloved goblin’s garden at the weekend and happier things than stress and lethargy… ^^


Any thoughts?

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