Exams: Finally Over

When I woke up this morning I thought that this was one of these days that you should spend in your bed, curled up, reading a good book and drinking steaming hot tea or one of the days that you spend with your friends in your kitchen, baking and drinking tea as well.

But as all my friends live about 50 miles away and I had a final exam to write I couldn’t do neither the one nor the other. Yesterday night was fairly stormy and the spirit of the storm was still outside when the day began and it started to rain cats and dogs as I sat in the exam. It still does.

Well, the exam. Maths. As long as it’s just calculating and puzzling I quite like it, but in everything else it just doesn’t like me. Anyway it seems to be turned out at least okay as I had an answer for every task that even sounded sensible. We’ll see.

I also took the Emilie Autumn-swap gift parcel to the post office yesterday and now am nervous whether the girl I played “secret fairy” for likes the stuff or not.

As a little reward for my four written exams I bought a book on crafting from the “Tilda” series and am quite excited to sew something from it. I especially love the sailor suit dolls  (I alsways wanted a sailor outfit myself, so here goes a new project ^^) and the cute little animals… Oh well, in fact I love the whole book!

As it doesn’t look as it would stop raining this summer I’m going to sew some gaiters matching a headpiece I’ve already sewn for my steampunk lolita outfit.

Actually I like rain. And colder weather. Okay, it’s no swimming in the lakes and nearly no running around barefoot but one can dress more carefully and enjoy inside activities. I even like walks in the rain.

But now as everything is said for today and as I’ve got to draw a flyer for a LARP, this post ends here.

Bye then, catch you later!


3 thoughts on “Exams: Finally Over

    1. Thank you!
      The university I’ve made my application to finally accepted me (after some complications) and I’m awfully happy. ^^

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