Buttons and First-Time Writers

Today Jules, my Protégée, wrote his first blog entry and I had the privilege to help him (aka. being his Fairly Scary Fairy Secretary). On Saturday we’ll have our Princess Day with a nice walk, elderflower pancakes, muffins and a new hair cut for him (done by me). Afterwards he’ll have his birthday party, but without me and the rest of the crew (the satyr, the fawn, my beloved goblin and the imp and sometimes the sottish wereterrier). I was quite angry about this decision at first because I accounted it class conceit (we’re to “weird and wicked” to fit with his other friends, even though he spends more time with us than with them) but however I calmed down today and now think that I should just ignore the “I want to be treated as a princess but don’t want to behave like one” thing and concentrate to help him with the other main aspect (the princess that acts like one) of his personality.

Oh, the swapping gift finally arrived in Berlin at Anthea’s, and she liked it! I have to admit that I’m quite relieved for I thought she might not or it would not arrive at all… By now I know that she’s my secret fairy, too, and I’m expectant for her parcel to arrive… I hope the postman’s not too puzzled ’cause I’ve got a different surname than my father. Oh dear.

I see. You still don’t know about the buttons in the headline, right?

Well, I made them of polymer clay for the LARP we’re having in July. There’s still so much to do and at the moment I’m a little concerned if we’re able to manage it all. And I just can’t find my sewing scissors…

I still have to sew Jules’ birthday present. I won’t tell what it is ’cause he’s frequently reading this blog, but… well… it will be… special. *grin*

What’s left to mention?

I’m going through a major rockabilly phase again (well, it’s less a phase but a permanent thing, but at the moment it’s stronger than for example the high fantasy elf thing), I tried to dye my hair today but failed (you don’t see anything. That’s a sign ^^), I’m dying to dance again for I just found my “new” (aka. not really worn yet) dancing shoes great, I’ve got to buy some interface for my planned Vintage Hot Air Balloon handbag and now I’ll go and modify my black double-breasted dress. That’s all ^^


Any thoughts?

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