A Curse, some Chocolate and a Princess day

Mousse au chocolate, to be exact. I had three small bowls of it today but I really needed them, too.

The weather outside is strange to-day, muggy, rainy, not warm nor cold. Gladly, it wasn’t like this on our princess day last Saturday!

Which I began with a nice, hot bath scented with lavender-and-wild-rose-oil, reading Through the Looking Glass (which I finished today). Jules showed up for brunch and after that lime-and-ginger-tea and chocolate cupcakes and listening to rockabilly records we went for a walk through the hills and meadows my mother’s kingdom lies at. We took photos all the way long, and some of them turned out quite nice. I’ll show them to-morrow as it’s getting late and I only want to give a short summary of the weekend.

Finally I decided to challenge myself by writing a Steampunk novel starring the characters of our role playing crew. It’s working title is The Curse that lies beneath The Turf. I started writing it yesterday evening and I’ve only come to four pages of Word so far… but it will grow, I promise.

Enough for today, bed time for fairies.


Any thoughts?

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