The Princess’ Projects

Dear, I didn’t write for pretty a while… I just couldn’t get myself to do it.

Today, I want to tell something about the several creative-on-paper projects I’ve planned through the last years for I believe that if I post them “in public” on the aetherweb I kind of force myself to get on with them because some people could wait for results.

Yes, I’m best when working under pressure… ^^

Project 1: Corroded

A comic I’m drawing on since… 2003? The first pages got published in the school paper of my former school and got no bad feedback at all, but when I look on them today… brrr. Horrible.

Settled in an alternate reality’s Britain it tells the tale of some netherworldian juveniles that don’t try to save the world but the school’s hurling team captain’s face… kind of – and, of course, try to not have their covers blown. I really like the world and the story but had no time and inspiration to draw something when I was still in school… but now I’ve got the time and I’ve got the inspiration and just tomorrow I’ll go and get me some half-decent drawing paper.

And I’m searching for a more significant name, too.

Project 2: The Fridge Thing (Working title), comic

Working title indeed… Story is: Not-so-normal, vampire-fan-ish human girl gets into netherworld (the same one like in Corroded, the stories are sharing one universe, then), becomes “the chosen one” and gets into real trouble with some not-so-normal people while discovering that fantasy novels are not very reliable when it comes to dealing with highland-dancing werewolf-clans and beastly gangsters…

Project 3: Title still needed

A steampunk comic with quite supernatural influences as a base to do something more… spiritual? *grin*

I’ve even got stories for about a dozen episodes, featuring gone-bad invocations, dead relatives and badgers.

“Ghost busters without modern technology” sounds pretty boring, but I want to do this and if it’s just for the dresses!

Project 4: The Curse that lies beneath The Turf

My steampunk novel that I’ve mentioned before. I won’t give to much information right now for I’ll dedicate a whole entry to it when the right time has come.

These are my “writing and drawing”-projects at the moment and I’m thinking about something between novel and comic, half written, half drawn…

For today this is enough, I’ve got to clean my chamber and get the things in my head in the right order, too, so

Good Bye for now


Any thoughts?

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