Two cute Mice, Fireworks and some new Fabric

Last week my neighbour and her son (he’s about twelve years old and such a cute little boy – perfect for a “Little Lord Fauntleroy” or an Astrid Lindgren-Book) went to Spain for vacation and asked me to look after the boy’s mice, Pia and Pitt (both are girls, so don’t mind the names). Well, I couldn’t help but take some pictures and Jules wanted to see them anyway. ^^



We also had a large gymnastics festival here in Frankfurt including fireworks. Every night at 11 PM it started, sprinkling the dark sky with new stars. Surprisingly the satyr came to visit me and stayed a little longer than expected (Tuesday to Thursday) and on Thursday the imp came and took him to his cave. I really don’t know where he is now but I hope he’s well.

Some weeks ago I bought some new fabric for my sailor-inspired Lolita dress. I’ve already drafted a pattern and am going to consult Jules about its realisability as soon as possible.

Rose, sand and cream coloured stripes - about 3 yards of them
Rose, sand and cream coloured stripes - about 3 yards of them

It wasn’t that easy to find a nice design for the dress as I took my inspiration from my new Tilda book – where it is a bathing suit instead of a dress and only in doll size. But at last I’ve found something neat in my mind’s library:


And now I’m all up to hope that my pattern will work…

So much for the news of last week. ^^


Any thoughts?

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