Not-So-Nice Post on Responsibility

Well, this is not meant to be a princess lesson (like here), it’s more of a musing on a matter that’s up-to-date with me at the moment connected with my understanding of the princess lifestyle.

My duty as a fairly scary fairy godmother is to help my protégée where I can, even if he doesn’t want to be aided at all.

My duty as a student – may it be at school, university or life in general – is to give my best, to maintain my self-inflicted standards and stay curious about everything I really want to learn.

My duty as a princess is to make the – or even just my – world a little more beautiful and add a certain fairy tale/ children’s book  feeling to my and my beloved lives.

My duty as an artist (how I dislike declaring myself as one…) is to improve my skills and work with my imagination.

I guess it’s all about the promises. I promise I’ll be there with you, even if it rains, even in storm and even if I’m a little indisposed. I promise it. That is – sort of – what makes us stronger. The self-conquest. I’m not speaking of things that’ll hurt you, destroy your life or anything like that. I’m not saying that I never cancelled an appointment. But when it comes to things you should do – helping out on a voluntary event, getting something important for a person who can’t get it him- or herself, visiting your old grandmother in the woods  to bring her wine and cake – do them! It’s not very princess-like to leave the people trusting in you in the lurch, not even giving them a chance to get a replacement. If you really won’t keep your promise just let them know – soon enough.

This exactly is the case I’m a little angry about at the moment. My cousin asked me if I could help her with her tent camp last weekend by scaring some of the kids while they’re taking a walk at night combined with some riddles to solve.  There were already two of my acquaintances engaged and we – me and two more friends of mine – agreed to come, too. Well, just about two ours before going up to the woods one of the acquaintances contacted the other friends to tell them where to meet and one of them had in earnest the impertinence to tell us that he wouldn’t come – because he was so tired and it was wet outside and everything. This would have been totally tolerable if he’d said it of his own accord some hours earlier so we could have gotten somebody else.

But he didn’t, and that’s the point I don’t understand. To be a princess means to keep promises, to be not rude and fly-by-night, to be responsible enough and to be honest. And at least say sorry when one made a mistake.

Sure, I do have flaws myself. One of them is to be vengeful when I feel treated unfairly, one of them is that I’m often a little away, lost in my own thoughts. But I really try to be a responsible, trustworthy person: Is not that what being noble is about? Not name or heritage but behaviour and virtue? I don’t need to be a princess by birth if I really try to be one by heart. And this includes to be responsible and dutiful, not at most but surely not at least, too.

This is quite an austere, disagreeable and vengeful post and I never wanted to let something like this ever come to my princess blog, but it felt just so right.


Any thoughts?

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