Wild Strawberries and other Desires

Yesterday I got the best present ever.

A new teapot! I’ve lurked about that special one for half a year I guess and as I passed the store on a walk with my aunt she went in and asked me if I wanted the money and buy it myself some day or the teapot. What a question!


I know that the picture has some kind of autumnal feeling about it, but just as Jules said as I showed him the options: I’m more of an autumn fairy.

Oh how I love the old-fashioned style it has! The silhouette of Mrs. Winterbottom, the rather senseless but neat and handsome writings! It’s really, really me. ^^

The strawberries that lie in front are from the little garden that hides behind our house. Backyards are a little bit rare here in the city and I really don’t know who planted the first woodland strawberry in ours, but it has a somewhat fairy tale or magical feeling about it, stepping trough the iron door and espying those little red spots between all the rich green that grows there, too.

And they’re really tasty as well. ^^

The last things I’ll show today are the eye masks I’ve sewn recently. I just wanted to try it for I don’t have curtains and can’t sleep in broad daylight which is starting at about five AM at the moment.


That’s the first one, scented with bergamot oil and a little bit steampunky. Matching my jacket I showed some time ago ^^.


And the second, with a painted wild rose that didn’t really turn out as I wanted but I like it anyway. It smells of sweet wild roses, too.


Snapshots I took on my walk last Saturday
Snapshots I took on my walk last Saturday



Any thoughts?

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