Adventures in Little Sweden and a Diet on Toffee

Yesterday Jules and I took a trip to little Sweden – better known as “IKEA”. As mentioned before he needed some fabric for the Dance of the Vampires-project he’s working at (they’ll play it in July and I’m going to watch it for Jules’ sake). So he got about three yards on a quite bargain price for his Spanish baroque costume and some even cheaper fabric for the caps of the peasant girls.

The getting-to was a little bit adventurous for the bus just didn’t show up and we had to wait about a hour (apparently there had been an accident on that particular bus route) but finally arrived there.


That’s what I got me: It’s bright poppy red silk from the leftover box, about 1 x 1.6 yards of it. I really don’t know what to do with it, but I’ll surely find a purpose (I don’t worry about those things, you know?).

I also got me some candy lace, once toffee and twice strawberry flavoured and they’ve really got some addiction potential…


I also got some tea on Wednesday – Gentleman’s Toffee flavour -, and guess what? It fits perfectly with the candy lace.

And here’s a work in progress picture of my graduation dress (it lasted hours to get the right shade for the stripes):


Admittedly Jules did the sewing so far, but I’ll do it for the skirt as I’ve got a quite special pattern in mind for it. The stains at the stripes are by-the-by on purpose (well, at least they’re now) as I like the a-little-bit-creepy look of them. I really tinker with the idea of stencilling some Alice in Wonderland motives on to the skirt’s lower hem or some other children’s book figures… I still have to make the headdress, I think I can do this over the weekend that’s pretty booked out anyway: Today I’ll have a nice evening with my crew including one or two games of Munchkin (a role player’s insider card game that’s quite hilarious) after spending the late morning in the bookbinding workshop at school where I still have some projects to finish before I finally leave. On Saturday I’ll have to raise at 5 AM for the car boot sale (to get our dungeons cleaned up, and it’s better that to just throw the things away), at noon I’ll go to help my goblin on the land we’re having our LARP on, the same on Sunday morning and finally I’ll go visiting a renaissance/ village fair with my mother after which she’s driving me back to Frankfurt. Phew!

So I’ve got to go now to ask the time for my colloquium next week – I hope my Cheshire Cat friend didn’t forget it as she moved recently and I couldn’t get her to answer the phone…


Any thoughts?

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