As long as I won’t loose my Glass Slippers…

Yes, it’s only two more days to go – better say one and two half days, ’cause today’s proceeded quite far and on Wednesday I’ll have to be at school at half past one PM for setting up – until our graduation party. My dress is so not finished and I’m pretty nervous and afraid that I won’t look good in any way…

I don’t even know what to do concerning my make-up.


Now for something completely different, I’m taking part in a swap on my handicrafts bulletin board again and guess the subject? – It’s Discworld! I already had some ideas and will start working as soon as the party’s over which means Thursday.

I really don’t want to sew that dratted waistband.

My weekend by the way was spent by digging a hole – a workout I can just recommend, my muscles are still aching. Not very princess-like, but even royalty should know hard work and the feeling of getting really clean after being covered in mud for a day.

Still, I’ll have to draw and write a birthday card for a friend of mine who’s going to be abroad for about a year, in Norway for her Scandinavian studies to be precise. And her birthday was yesterday (I’m messy at the moment, I know, but Bambi – who is that particular friend’s brother – told me it wouldn’t be that calamitous as she’s got a lot going on at the moment as well).

Oh well, up for the waistband.


Any thoughts?

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