10 Pleasures at the Beginning of July

Again. Inspired by Kjesta I decided to write a “things that make me happy” list at least every month. It’s good to know that there are some things that can make me smile even if I’m in a bad mood and that I’m grateful for.

So here it is.


  1. Dancing. A love I inherited from my maternal grandmother who was a dancer at the theatre when she was young. I’ve never had any ballet lessons but went to the (usual) dancing lessons at our local dancing school. I had to quit when my partner left – striking lack of gents. Sadly I live in a (real) world without many balls and dances so I have to practise my waltz at home in the parlour. I love it anyway and when I’m light-headed by swaying with an imaginary prince charming I can truly say that I’m really happy. And currently I’m trying to get my feet to do a Charleston.
  2. Folk. Which makes a great couple with dancing. Folk is the kind of music that was with me all my life as my mother is quite fond of it as well. It’s way more…  dare I say honest? than many other styles of music. The imp doesn’t like it that much, he says it sounds all the same: a statement that I consider complete hogwash. There are about a handful of matters that folk songs are about: Love, death, getting bloody drunk, war, freedom and the beauty of Ireland or Scotland (that depends on the song).
  3. White and red striped drapery. Well, it matches my hair and it looks kind of weird.  Do I need another reason?
  4. Milk. One of those reasons why I never could be vegan. I know that many grown-ups suffer from lactose intolerance, and I really pity them. The colour alone, that slightly broken white, the whole consistence, the taste. And the memory of my way younger self in a white-and-blue flower patterned nightgown sitting at my grandmothers dining table eating semolina pudding with sallow thorn syrup and drinking milk.
  5. Role Play. I always loved dressing up and acting. Then I discovered the world of role playing, first pen & paper, later computer and live. At the moment I’m planning a live role play with the satyr and the goblin, developing my numerous character concepts and am still playing Never Winter Nights sometimes. At P&P we’re done with our first Steampunk adventure and up to start with PP&F (short for Plush, Power & Flotsam) where you play a stuffed animal. I’m going to be an antique Steiff Teddy bear girl with striped bows at her ears, I guess.
  6. My Sewing Machine. When my grandaunt died her machine was handed down to me and there she (she’s definitely a she!) is, standing on a little old sewing table that I got from my father’s mate (or her parents, I really don’t know. It was in the way and catching dust, so I got it). She’s working perfectly, quite gentle and my grandaunt also left me yarn and needles so I’ll never run out of supplies.
  7. Tea. My family is not very into coffee, anyway. Right now I’m having a peppermint tea, it fits the hot weather outside and is quite refreshing even if it’s still hot. I could spend days in my favourite tea shop just inhaling the various flavours like Cactus Blossom, Gentleman’s Toffee, the famous and beloved Earl Grey, green tea with ginger and lemon, black tea with rose petals and bergamot… I could go on like this for hours.
  8. Rain. Especially now when it’s too hot to do anything but lying flat on your back and wait for a nice shower to rain down all the sultriness. It rained yesterday, but sadly not enough to get the world back to an acceptable temperature. I like listening to it and if I wear the right shoes (gumboots or no shoes at all) and clothing I can spend my day just standing at a nice place outside near the river and watch the world around my getting wet and clean.
  9. Swimming. I haven’t been swimming since last September, I fear. Time to change this, I hope I’ll pass by a lake this weekend just to jump in and stay there. I’m not much of an ambitious swimmer, more the otter kind, always playing around with some stones or shells, doing under-water backflips, diving, trying to use just my hands and arms for swimming to pretend I’m a mermaid…
  10. Nectarines. Mutated peaches. What need I say more? That I love the fragrance, the smooth surface, the colour, everything and that they make my summer, partially.

Goth, today is my graduation party. The dress is finished, the diabetes in a slice baked. And I am nervous.


Any thoughts?

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