I didn’t loose my glass slippers.

I didn’t wear shoes at all.

We all had to choose a song that should be played when we paced down the aisles to receive our graduation certificates. I took “Within a Mile of Home” by Flogging Molly. Sadly they didn’t play the “Don’t turn your back on me” part, but anyway the message seemed to come across as it should.

The speech of our deputy headmaster was quite exhausting but we all had our year-books to read. I know it’s not very polite to read while someone is speaking, but if you’d been there you wouldn’t have done anything else.

The party after the ceremony was quite nice even though I was a little bit sad that my plastic construction teacher wasn’t there. I’ll visit her next week – there are still two weeks when the school is still open and I want to use the workshops as long as possible (for example today when I go to the bookbinder’s workshop).



This was my dress. We didn’t take any proper photos but Jules and I already set a photo shooting for it – hopefully when the weather is a little colder. One of my art teachers said that she didn’t expect anything else than a fairy-tale like dress from me – this was the sweetest compliment that night ever.

As Jules, Bambi and the satyr slept over we stayed up pretty late (or am I supposed to say early?) and threw hamsters. It’s quite addicting.

I also got my “Book” portfolio back (it was – together with those of my classmates – exposed on the party). Maybe I should seal the surface again…

Idea Sketching, Naturalism, Book (title), Main Piece, Colour Studies (covers)

And finally among my graduation dress I fulfilled another of my daring deeds and bought an old book on behaviour. Jules was shopping for some sewing supplies and I came with him but left the haberdashery because I’m a little fed up with sewing for this week (I stayed up to finish the dress until 1 AM on Tuesday). So I went to Oxfam two stores next to Jules and looked at the shop-window. I was pretty amazed when I found a little red book lying there – just as if it had waited for me to come and get it.

The shop keeper looked a little bit confused when he saw me – 19, black clothing, worn out trainers, broad rimmed straw hat around my neck – asking for that particular book but was all for it when I told him that I this was exactly what I was looking for. I had a nice talk with him and his wife and then bade good-bye. So I got my book, Oxfam got the money and we all had a happy ending.

"The Lexicon of Fine Custom"
“The Lexicon of Fine Custom”, about 1900

I think this may be enough for today, so good-bye!


2 thoughts on “I didn’t loose my glass slippers.

  1. wow, supertolles Kleid! :o Ich find die Rückenansicht davon *echt* toll!
    Und das Buch sieht total schick aus – edel und altmodisch *_* waa, süß!

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