Books and a little Monster

Yesterday I went to my beloved school bookbinding workshop again. I repaired an old Cutting Schoolbook for Dressmaking (by Mrs H. Worrings, headmistress of the ladies cutting school Frankfurt on the Main) for Jules that had some torn pages and other quite small flaws that were easy to repair with some rice paper tape. He just mustn’t forget to keep the book away from solar irradiation…


I also finished a little notebook that can be closed with a chain or ribbon. I think I won’t use it but give it to someone for their birthday or for Yule. We’ll see.


The rebound copy of Harding’s Luck by Edith Nesbit is still to be embossed and I don’t think I can do all the restoring that I wanted to do, but I already got me some small hand gear scissors for at-home bookbinding. The adequate glue is still lacking but there will turn up a resource for that, too.

For I didn’t do much art lately, here’s a little children’s book illustration-like drawing I did this weekend. It’s me and the “monster of Loch Mess” (it’s small, lives behind my wall and feeds on mess) making friend with each other. My mother ascertained that children’s books have always been my kind of world and when I said “They still are.” and stated that I’m way more into children’s books than into recondite, austere, dull adult’s books, her only statement was “Well, that’s put my mind at rest”. ^^


Sadly it was a quite spontaneous drawing with water colouring on weak paper so it is quite cockled.

Now I’m leaving to get some fabric paint for my graduation t-shirt and more decoration paper for more book covers.

But don’t worry, I’ll return soon.

So long!


Any thoughts?

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