Old school, new books

I’m really going to miss my old school. Today is the last day of school before the Hessian summer holidays so I’ve got to say good-bye today to my favourite teachers and the beautiful building. I’m going to take some photos today and definitely will come back to visit some of the teachers I couldn’t bid farewell to in September.

Yesterday I went to Marburg (on the River Lahn) with Bambi and the satyr to have a second course guidance for the final decision of my field of study. So if everything turns out the pleasant way I’m going to be a student of Historical Language, Text and Culture Studies with a specialisation on Celtic Studies in October. Wish me luck!

We also found a nice book shop with a mysteriously disappearing shelf full of Jane Austen books. Just as I had found what I was searching for the satyr asked me if I had seen that particular shelf. I had, but wasn’t able to find it again. Quite bewildering, isn’t it?

"Jane Austen for the Malicious" & "The Pleasures of English Food"

I just couldn’t restist.

I’ve got to go, so good-bye for today.


Any thoughts?

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