The Spell Well


If you’d go outside my chamber-door, right through the attic where I sleep in and then down the stairs and you’d open the front door, you’d see a long street flowing down from a hill on the right side. If you’d mastered that hill, you’d have to go left, then right, pass by the apple trees that grow at the old tank’s highway and walk straight ’til you’d reach the upper forest path, you could go it, the swampland on one and the golden fields on the other side. You’d follow that path that enters the wood where the high, light green leafy trees would form a colonnade for you to wander beneath and the forest soil would roll before you as a dark, rich carpet.


If you’d do all that and at last follow the little wooden steps, you’d reach the enchanted well deep down in the forest.


We get our drinking water down here for it’s far better than the normal tap water that we’ve got here at my mother’s castle. It also ruins the electric kettle less than the other water per less water hardness. And it tastes different. The swampland where it lies in seems to alter the flavour to a slightly sweet one…




Doesn’t it put a spell on you, too?


Any thoughts?

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