The Governess and the Circus

Okay, it’s a marquee theatre. It was located down at the Main in Frankfurt as it’s summer and they’re alway there. Ever since I can remember.

At least it looks a little bit like a circus.
At least it looks a little bit like a circus.

I have to admit – shame on me – that I’ve never visited one of their shows.


They have even got a little café there in one of the wagons. My mother used to take me there with her when I was little. I used to wear a bandana then and the theatre folk called me “Little Pirate” (To err is human. To arr is pirate!).


The caravan reminds me of The Wind in the Willows, one of my alltime favourite children’s books, when Toad buys one and convinces Mole and Ratty to join him on his journey…

I’m not really in the mood to write that much at the moment. The weather is quite weird and wicked, it’s hot and a little bit muggy albeit the floodgates of heaven opened last night. The air leaves a thin film of sweat on my skin that I can’t stand. I wish it was colder again, at least a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with some clouds, right?

It’s not that I had nothing to do. There’s a novel to be written, swapping gifts to be finished, outfits to sew, but somehow I’m not overly motivated momentarily. I do my chores, I do the painting on the swap gift, I complete my to-do lists… but I’m not delighted in any way. Maybe I should get a large pot of ice cream, maybe all I need is some fresh air. I’m going to take a nice walk later, but now it’s still too hot outside. I’m also planning to watch a girls motion picture tonight, one of the American Girl movies, to be precise. I just need some cute Victorian costumes and a happy ending today…

Speaking of Viktorians: Here’s the little birthday present that I gave to Jules last week. Quite late, but he was happy with it. ^^


It’s his very own governess, telling him the things he mustn’t forget like Wearing nice underwear for he might get knocked over by a carriage, Vampires don’t exactly like garlic, Not to wear bright red hair with bright pink and so on. I kept one of the changeable cards to always know the size so that I can supply some good advice later, too.

I hope I’ll be a little more of a writing maniac to-morrow. ^^

Good-bye then!


Any thoughts?

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