A Moon like a Paper Lantern

Tonight is very dark, at least as I can see it through my chamber’s windows. I barely can tell the high tree’s black silhouettes apart from the deep, dark blue sky. At the moment the moon is hiding behind one of those silhouettes but when she comes out again I know she will look as beautiful as she did five minutes ago, bright, sharply outlined and as yellow as the light of the lamp here inside. Like a little reflection. I tried to take a picture of the moon and the lamp’s reflected light in the window, but it just couldn’t do that dream-like reality justice.

There have been some changes around here during the last days. Something was wrong with my application for university and I hope I’m able to fix it tomorrow, but don’t worry, I’m quite an adamantly future student. ^^

Tomorrow I’ll also go to town to get some nice stationery for my new – fanfare! – Lolita pen fried. I met her at my favourite bulletin board where she asked for someone to write loliable letters to and I just answered “Here!”. We chatted a while through the aetherweb yesterday and just tomorrow afternoon I’ll write my first letter to her!

Well, this is just a little update, I’ll write a real post again soon, I promise!


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