Great schemes to implement!

Outfit - for watching vampires.
Outfit – for watching vampires.

Yesterday I went to see Jules in an amateur production of Dance of the Vampires. It was quite entertaining, even though the leading lady was a bit weak in her singing and acting skills. The leading actor on the contrary was GREAT. He reminded me of a friend of mine who lives in Vienna now, the voices were pretty similar, he sounded like he was that friend’s younger brother.

And Jules? You were the real star of that evening. Best dancer for sure and costume designer, how could it be better?

Oh, and there’s good news here, as well:

I’ve been accepted for Historical Language, Text and Culture

Studies at Marburg University!!!

After I talked to my person responsible that told me that I didn’t have a second foreign language (and so I learned that Latin must be my native one…) and therefore couldn’t be taken in there, he called again yesterday morning near 10 A.M. and said I could study my field anyway if  only I got my Latin certificate until the beginning of the third semester.

After I calmed down a little during the last weeks I think it’s time to do something more productive like extending my (rather small, sadly) Lolita wardrobe. As soon as Jules is addressable again we’re going to start a W.I.P. (work in progress) thread at our favourite sewing community. It’s much easier to get on with a project when someone’s watching you. One of the most interesting things will be our twin outfits, I think. I already made a design for my dress albeit I’m not sure if it will remain like this.


I also started another of my daring deeds, No. 49 alias “cooking or baking something new once a month for one year”. I made a smoked salmon quiche with green onions and cheshire cheese, the next one’s supposed to be a shrimp quiche (not neccessarily in order of my daring deeds list).


Well, I guess that’s it for today, I’m now going to go through my fabrics to look for some loliable ones.

Good-bye for now!


3 thoughts on “Great schemes to implement!

  1. The quiche looks mouth-watering! And I won’t miss the chance to congratulate you on your university place!

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