Fabric Avanlanche!

Well, I decided to inspect my fabric chest and to sort out what I could sew up in the foreseeable future.

Here it is.


That’s not all of the chest’s content, no! But the part that I have – more or less – plans for.


1. The black wool is going to be a stuffed toy morning star. Maybe a Christmas present? And some appliqués if I find the right motives. The white cotton will suit as doll skin or lining, while the striped one could be the base for some nice summer accessories. I’m going to use the blue cotton velvet for a stuffed toy for one of my youngest relations (sew those as long as they’re young, they wouldn’t want them at the age of thirteen…!) and at last that Black Watch tartan wool may make a pretty Tam o’shanter and some fitting small stuff.


2. The striped one is going to be bows for the Christmas gift wrapping. Impressive, but easy to make. ^^ The other two fabrics are still looking for a new form, the red one is left over from my graduation dress (just like the striped) and could make a nice Lolita dress… if I just had an idea what style to follow… Suggestions for “?” fabrics are welcome!


3. Some green and brown, quite rural I think. The dark green velveteen’s destination is still unknown while the felt will make pretty appliqués for my autumn wardrobe. The white organza will be some more roses – I already made several for my graduation outfit. They’re easy to make and look quite cute to ladylike. The tweed-like herringbone cloth at the very back will be used for spats matching the headpiece I’ve already sewn from it and maybe it will make some interesting stuffed toys, too.


4. Oh, patterns! I only know a purpose for that blue corduroy in the middle – a justacorps for one of the guys of my  – momentarily quite desolate, sadly – band.  Or some other blue-eyed prince charming who’ll cross paths with me. Maybe I could turn that chequered wool into a handsome steampunk-ish Lolita outfit? Help me!


5. The red-lilac striped cotton will be some corset-like top matching the skirt I’ve already sewn. The flowered light blue could be a very nice hat lining or a hat itself as does the dark blue striped.

Well, there’s a lot to do.

P.S.: The parcel from the Discworld swap arrived and imported the most loveliest knitted spats and a “Wee Free Men” skirt! I’ll show those things along with the content of the parcel I sent away yesterday as soon as it has arrived at it’s point of destination.


Any thoughts?

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