Lolita Double Feature I

I’ve been a rare Hedgefairy so far this August . But I’ll be better, I promise!

Last week Jules and I finally decided to post a Lolita Work in Progress at our favourite bulletin board. The thought behind it is that if somebody is watching your project you’re more into delivering some new progress, something to look at, sooner than while working all by yourself in a silent chamber.

My first (and most urgent) project is a plain black basic skirt that I’m planning to wear at the Castle Courtyard Festival next weekend.

High waist, black cotton.
High waist, black cotton, frilly at the hem.

The other planned outfits include amongst others a Playing Cards one, a Brit Lolita ensemble, a twinning dress (together with Jules) and sports clothing.

The Chess Dress


Remember the red fabric I showed some posts ago? The one left over from my graduation dress? Exactly that’s what I plan to use for that outfit. The chessboard parts are not set yet, maybe they’ll be in softer light and dark browns instead of hard black and white, but this is something that depends on my local fabric store’s assortments.

I’m going to make the buttons myself out of shrink plastic with a chess piece design like this:


The headpiece will also be in a matching design:


Oh well. As soon as I find my measuring tape, I’ll start like

I’m a shooting star leaping through the skies

Like a tiger

Defying the laws of gravity

I’m a racing car(riage) passing by

Like Lady Godiva

I’m gonna go – go –  go

There’s no stopping me!

To say it with  Freddy Mercury’s words. ^^

Yes, I’m in a pretty weird mood at the moment.


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