10 Pleasures in August


  1. Lilacs. They‘re still abloom in our castle’s garden, building a sweet-smelling save harbour for all the butterflies to land on it. I even got me some small branches for my room (remember the princess code: A princess should be given fresh flowers every day…).
  2. Combat Boots. I just ordered some new ones according to the fact that my old ones are torn and even the screws in the sole are worn down… I know that combat boots are neither very princess-like nor very Lolita but I’ll wear them anyway. I mean… 20-hole steel-capped leather boots. What should I say more? (I even think that one can wear safety shoes with Lolita – and not only punk Lolita – if done right. I’ll prove that.)
  3. Embroidery. I borrowed two books from the library, one on embroidery techniques in general and one on Hessian white-work and I can’t wait to get started!
  4. Lace. Especially crocheted lace and white-work/ cut-work lace. My Lolita WIP is a great chance to use AMOUNTS of it (and that’s why I went to get some yesterday. I also need some knee-high socks for sock stoppers. Yes, that’s pretty weird, but what should I do with sock stoppers without socks to stop?)
  5. Shakespearean Names. The quite unusual names that the Bard used in his works are often this stunning and have become pretty symbolic nowadays. Romeo & Juliet, Prospero, Caliban, Benedick & Beatrice, Sycorax, Oberon & Titania, Innogen and Cymbeline. I know that some of the names existed before, but their meanings that they have today they owe to William Shakespeare.
  6. The Darkness. Sadly they don’t exist anymore (at least not as The Darkness), but still are one of my favourite bands (and who knows? Maybe they’ll be back one day). I even got me a black-and-gold patch with their logo last Friday. They did some really good glammy cock rock when they were still on “all the world” that “is a stage”. My favourite songs are Love is only a Feeling, Christmas Time (Don’t let the Bells endyes, I know, it’s summer, but anyway), Girlfriend and the obligatory I believe in a Thing called Love. It wouldn’t hurt if more guys wore bell-bottoms…
  7. Oriental and African Candy. Not only halva and nougat, but also candied seeds and nuts, puffed grains in all versions and spiced up cookies – especially with Moroccan mint tea. You can get these candies at medieval markets or on specific festivals. My mother brought me a small cornet of candied hemp seeds (no, not hallucinogenic ;)) from the Africa Caribbean Festival this weekend and I’m trying really hard not to eat them up completely today.
  8. Splinterworld. Still my comic project number one and indeed, I’m DRAWING!!! I’m quite close to what I’d like to call “final looks” for the characters, at least I hope so.
  9. Brass Colour. Well, as it seems, the  Steampunk thing is breaking through again.
  10. Faerie Courts. I like the idea of the seelie and the unseelie court of fairies and their inhabitants. I don’t know in which I’d dwell, but… I highly recommend MirrorCradle’s drawings of the courts’ queens ( just as I recommend all of her pictures).  Real fairy art. ^^

Any thoughts?

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