"She's a button in the eye of everyone who ever laid their eyes on..."
"She's as cute as a button in the eye of everyone who ever laid their eyes on..."

Maybe you can guess it – I went to the picture theatre yesterday to see the Neil Gaiman-based on film Coraline by Henry Selick and I took the Goblin, Jules and Bambi with me.

And guess what? It was GRAND!

I already knew the film, but only in 2D and in English. The German translation could have been better but I liked the cat’s and Wybie’s voices. Well, I’ve got a thing for Wybie anyway ^^. The 3D is pretty scary sometimes, especially at the end, but the beginning is quite special, too (especially when there’s a huge needle coming up to you… preconditioned that you sit on the right place in the whole cinema).

I can also recommend the website very much where you can let mice write your name, sew buttons into your eyes and see things… differently, it’s all creepy and dreamy at the same time… A thing that is present during the whole film. I also love the costumes – I’ll need a glow-in-the-dark pullover this winter – and the wallpapers (I use one of them at my desktop at the moment). The design is  – watch out for heresy! – way more versatile than old Tim Burton’s. At least that’s my opinion as I’m pretty fed up with the always-the-same designs of Mister Burton (I still like Nightmare before Christmas, though). For Coraline I’m waiting for the DVD to be in the stores (where the 3D version is included!).


P.S.: Did I mention that I have a slight crush on Wybie?

P.P.S.: Go! Watch that film!!!


Any thoughts?

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