Material Girl

I went for lace, too, by the way. And for buttons (not the Coraline kind of them, of course).


Top down: 1. Some pretty nice border that I really have no use for but hang it over my bed… I need a four poster one ^^; 2. Small white lace for smaller ornaments; 3. New laces for my combat boots and matching ribbons to tie my hair up – it has indeed grown in length over the last years (I know that this is pretty normal, but you don’t really recognize it unless your relations tell you so); 4. Broad white lace I’ve fallen in love with at first sight for sock stoppers and other marvelous things. I fear I’ll need more of it. 5. Mid sized black lace for sock stoppers, too, and maybe the decoration of another headdress…


These are for an old plain shirt of mine that is going to be lolita-fied. It’d been hanging in my closet for years as I wore it for concerts back in my good old choir times…


This is going to be the button design for my Sailor Lolita dress (that I’ll share with you tomorrow). It also works as a seal for my correspondences, just like the following does, too:


There are some nice ones with a yellow stone inlay for more medieval purposes, too, maybe they’ll fit for Aeronwy… I didn’t tell you about her yet? Well, I’ll catch that up soon, I hope.

I caught a little cold, so I’ll wrap myself up in a nice warm blanket with a good book and woolen socks and have a cup of tea (or two), so

Good bye for now!


Any thoughts?

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