The Sugar Factory

Right, sugar instead of chocolate!

The Sucrerie (roughly translates to – guess what? – Sugar Factory from french) Magazine is the absolutely enchanting name of an only more adorable web zine by western Lolitas for western Lolitas. There are four issues so far and hopefully many more to follow.

I found the “Western Lolita Style Watch” category pretty interesting (and saw three Lolitas from my sewing community there) as I just can’t orient myself with Asian Lolitas only for the simple reason that I’m European and simply do look completely different compared to fragile, dark and big eyed Japanese girls. ^^

Also, the Sucrerie Magazine features timelessly beautiful pieces of poetry matching the season and the style like Lord Byron and Violet Fane.

The other articles feature amongst others beauty advice, history of Lolita, “Ask Alice”, reader’s art and general musings about the style.

This web zine may not be over-the-top high-quality reporting but is something that comes from the heart of those great people who volunteer to write, edit and publish and therefore: it is something that’s worthy to read for everyone who is at least interested (if not involved yet) in Lolita.


Any thoughts?

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