Back from the Middle Ages

I’ve been quite absent through the last days. But I can assure you that it has nothing to do with you, no, definitely not.

It is more to reason with the fact that I joined the festivities on the occasion of the beginning of autumn or, to be more specific, the Festival Mediaval.

I went there with Bambi and the Imp on Thursday, a day before the festival itself started, to set up camp and meet some acquaintances, the Satyr included.

On Friday we had to wait quite long to get our wristbands – they were green this year and I still wear mine together with the Castle Courtyard Festival one which is red – but finally came to enter the festival area with the markets, stages and the best Alsatian Tarte Flambee ever.

The first chamber orchestra to play were the gentlemen of Coppelius which were unspeakably brilliant in their show – they are striking up again in Frankfurt in December and I’m earnestly thinking about visiting this event. Thinking about it? Uhm…. sure. Le Comte Caspar altered the end of “Operation”, pretty a surprise for the auditorium, and “Lilienthal” was, together with “Spring doch” one of the most impressive pieces to be performed. And Bastille looked so young – I can hardly believe that he is more than two hundred years old… ^^

Right after Coppelius it was Rapalje‘s turn. For those who don’t know: Rapalje are a four-men folk band from the Netherlands with the most goodlooking-but-he-is-old-enough-to-be-my-father-I-fear piper I’ve seen so far. I missed their versions of the “Star of the County Down” and “Are ye sleeping, Maggie?“, but they played “Caledonia” in the most beauteous way and all those traditionals that are way too rare on festivals.

I didn’t see all the bands, I didn’t even want to. Ougenweide were pretty nice, I also catched some tunes from John Kelly & Maite Itoiz who were joined on stage by Sic from Omnia for a while. Omnia themselves were the head liner on Saturday and together with Coppelius and Rapalje one of THE reasons for me to join the festival.

And they were great.

Well, as soon as I move in with Bambi and the Satyr, at least Bambi will be pretty annoyed by my daily outburst of “I’m so looking forward to Omnia!” for they signed to come to the Festival Mediaval for the next five years! “Dance until we die” and “The Raven” are definitely two of the best songs I’ve ever heard live, along with “Morrigan”.

One of the things I really should mention before I end my  – quite short – report of the festivities is that they had a bouncing castle – made of straw. Friday evening it had transformed into a huge heap that was predestined to jump in (and that was what I did all Saturday and Sunday long).

Yes, that's a salto. With combat boots.
Yes, that's a somersault. With combat boots.

But now I’ve got to go and meet the Scottish wereterrier.

Bye then!


Any thoughts?

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