10 Pleasures in September


  1. Beech-Nuts. I went to collect some with my mother yesterday morning. They are difficult to open, but the taste is really worth it! But be careful: To high a dosage of raw beech-nuts can be toxic (and they taste even better roasted, anyway). My great-grandmother used to make biscuits out of them after the war.
  2. Pushing Daisies. Romance to the top in pairing with eerie décor, with somewhat of an “Amélie” feeling to it. Not to forget the quite extraordinary story. The pie maker is just too handsome and sweet and I’ve got to admit that I kind of adore Olive, even if she is a little bit creepy. Oh, and the music is absolutely magnificent! I also like the fact that most of the actors don’t have the usual average Hollywood faces but always look somewhat peculiar.
  3. Asian Rice Snacks. I got some for my birthday last Saturday with extra wasabi nuts (they were not included, sadly). They are matching the colours of the nature outside with all the rich orange and off-white (sheep!) and light browns.
  4. The Sweet Chestnut body shimmer lotion (and the shower gel, too) by The Body Shop. It smells adorable and has such a cute design…
  5. Garden of Shadows, a The Sims 2 & 3 community featuring lots of downloads that are more connected with the darker subcultures. It’s not only the great custom content (I’m especially thankful for the TS3 contents) that draws me there but also the social bulletin board with all those nice simmers. ^^
  6. Red Wombat Tea Company pictures by Ursula Vernon. Absolutely stunning! I wish I could draw like that.
  7. Glow-In-The-Dark Ceiling Stars. I used to have them when I was little and there are still some all over my bedroom. Sadly one won’t find any paper stars any more, only that plastic ones, but you know: If you can’t buy it, do it yourself. Coraline also had glow-in-the-dark stars on her pullover. Is there something like glowing wool?
  8. Lolita Pictures from the days of yore. There are many articles about the change that Lolita has gone through during the last years at the moment. This may be distressing but also a great chance to have a look on all these old, beauteous designs and to let oneself be inspired by them. That’s one of the best things in home sewing. You don’t have to follow the trends when you can’t get other things. Just take a needle and thread and an idea…
  9. Fingerless Gloves. The nearer real autumn is coming the more I am thinking about how to keep my hands warm when I am drawing outside or am collecting fallen leaves or am going for a walk and am not wanting to be wrapped up in wool. Without loosing my finger tips’ feeling, of course.
  10. The Fragrance of Bonfires. Or of fire in general. The woody smell you just can’t get out of your hair, not even after four showers.

Any thoughts?

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