Strike the Right Notes

This is something I pondered over for really a while – half a year? Maybe more.

What music is a Lolita supposed to listen to? Are there any “real”, “proper” bands or soloists? Is a Lolita forced into a liking of J-rock or J-pop or even Visual Kei and, if they are quite into a more classical lifestyle, Beethoven and Mozart?

I really don’t want to affront anyone who likes japanese music – I can’t stand it. That may sound rude, but I simply dislike the language and the voices as well as the very over-the-top squeaky instrumental stuff and the beats. Sorry.

So, what may adequate bands, artists and pieces of music in my humble opinion be, then?

I’ll tell you 5 each of my preferred Lolita-And-Faerie serenaders and songs. (Attempted) Explanatory statements included ^^.

Faerie Chimes

  1. Loreena McKennitt – One of my all time favourites. I practically grew up to her music and I love everything about her: The slightly Pre-Raphaelite look, the fluttering black clothing, the choice of instruments and that otherworldly voice. If I had to name an idol for me as a singer it would definitely her. My favourite songs amongst others of hers are The Mummer’s Dance, All Souls Night and the theme of the Disney picture Tinkerbell.
  2. Omnia – Be a wild, pagan, leather-wood-and-bones fairy? Run naked through the woods? Come! Join us! For some pagan folk. I’ve seen them twice this far and each time it was stunning. The whole party is grand but especially Sic has a weird kind of charisma and seems like an eerie, dark elf herald or jester, just escaped from Annwyn or something comparable. Go and see them when you get the chance to. And go dressed in your best leaf dresses and wildberry crowns for you might get invited to dance until you die – and you would not want to look bad whilst that, would you?
  3. Eluveitie – Even fairies can be angry. These occasions are what this music is for. Being a fairy does not mean to be pretty and nice and sparkling and wearing pastel colours all the time. Sometimes you just have to put on your bird’s skull helmet and your torn black frog’s skin cloak that make you look like a raven and go out to show folks that they can’t do everything to you. Uhm. Yes. You know. I especially like Inis Mona with all the connotations to druids and maybe otherworldly concerns. As well as Uis Elveti and Slanias Song that don’t really tell of any magic but a quite angry love to one’s homeland (without being alarming).
  4. Danny Elfman – Predestined trough his name again represents a somewhat macabre side of fairyhood but also a very cheerful and whimsical one. The Ice Dance (from Edward Scissorhands) for example is more of the “classical” fairy style while This Is Halloween (from Nightmare before Christmas) can definitely be classified into the “whimsical and cheerful though being written in minor” section as well as the rather swinging Remains of that Day (from Corpse Bride – all by Tim Burton, I should be ashamed on that…)
  5. Edvard Grieg – A man who named his home Troldhaugen (Norwegian for “troll hill”) has to be mentioned here. Furthermore there is Peer Gynt that is enough of a fairytale to appear here – Can’t you see the little fairies fluttering with their wings while the trolls are seizing the early light of day for the maintaining of their village in Morning Mood? Grieg looked a bit like a troll or leprechaun himself, by the way. Who knows…

Lolita Airs

  1. Pjotr Iljitsch Tchaikowsky – One of THE artists to be heard by Lolitas, if you ask me. Especially the ballets – The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty – are perfect to complete the feeling of being a young lady in Victorian times (or Edwardian. Or even the golden 20s.) during tea time, learning how to dance a perfectly elegant Vienna Waltz or playing croquet with your fellow Lolitas.
  2. Coppelius – The five gentlemen and their butler are, due to their band’s existence since 1803, their extraordinarily neat appearance and their choice of instruments one of the bands I would like to recommend most for gothic and, yes, classic Lolitas. I also want to direct your appreciated attention towards their excellent homepage and the cinematographical and musical records that you may find in the music room. Coppelius hilft!
  3. Emilie Autumn – I was not really sure were to put her: faerie or Lolita. But now she ended up with Lolita, even if it’s said that she may not be mistaken for one. Her music is more punk than sweet Lolita, but I like her adaptions of tales and fairytales, parodies of society problems and her urgent desideratum to be a free, independent girl.
  4. Queen – Yes, seriously! Especially Seaside Rendezvous and Killer Queen are quite suitable for sweet Lolita in my opinion.
  5. Abney Park – Steampunk Lolita! These Airship Pirates‘ music is the perfect soundtrack for a game of card-throwing, the strolling about on an eerie old-fashioned carnival or the maiden flight of your very own airship. And if not – well, just enjoy the tunes while being dressed in Steampunk Lolita (there is way not enough of it).

Songs of Bliss, Memories and eerie Dreams

  1. Everyday by Buddy Holly – I first heard that song in one of my favourite pictures: Big Fish. There is nothing more to say than that it has one of the most beautiful matters in all poetry: The growing of love. *sigh*
  2. The Teddy Bears’ Picnic – For Hollis whom I have pretty much neglected during my last posts. I really can imagine all the teddy bears having a wonderful time with lots of cake and elder syrup and hide-and-seek…
  3. So long, cruel World by Blanche – Eerie American gothic. Think of half-decayed Victorian wood mansions with little towers and iron fencing or dark streets in 19th century’s new york.
  4. Singin’ in the Rain from the musical of the same name – Well, it is autumn so it will rain a great deal more than during the last months, at least in our latitudes. And what is more charming than a Lolita lilting this song while dancing through the streets in the rain?
  5. On my Own from the musical “Les Misérables” – Who of us has not at least once dreamt of being with her (or his) Prince Charming, wandering under starlight through silent streets in perfect harmony, wouldn’t that be romantic? And how many of us had to face the disappointment that he already had a princess? Exactly.

Any thoughts?

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