Playing Cendrillon

No, not really. But I’m tidying up my room at the moment as well as clearing out all the clutter that has been piled up here over the days, months and years. I really don’t like the whole procedure and I also think, that some tidy up tips for Lolitas could be useful (you may already know each point, but anyway):

  • First of all: Get your hair out-of-the-way, Rapunzel! There is nothing more disturbing than long, wavy strands of golden hair that fall into your sight and have to be drawn back every 30 seconds. No need for something complicated like a Marie Antoinette hairdo – I personally am fine with a tied back pony tail or braid or even a ballet bun together with an Alice band for the fringe (that I don’t really have).
  • Get yourself a nice, large pot of tea and put it somewhere you have already cleaned up at. Otherwise you’d have to move the tray all the time from here to there and so on. Drinking is very important (but I’ll bet you already knew that) and I am consciously suggesting tea. Lemonades are too sweet and you could get into a sugar rush-like state. With coffee it is nearly the same, just with a caffeine high. An alternative might be water (if preferred with a splash of lemon juice).
  • The same applies to food, but here I’d take something sweet contrary to the tea that would be a black one in my case. Something like a piece of cake would be nice, pastry fork after pastry fork. Or chocolates – one for ten things you throw away. Make it a little reward game and switch to sandwiches when it becomes later at day. It’s just more fashionable ;).
  • Forget dressing up. It is just not sensible. Wear trousers and a jumper or a t-shirt (aka. “cutsew” with Lolitas) with as nice a print you want, but keep it handy. Belts are a nice accessory for cleaning. No, not for the sake of something decorative but for dusters and the like. I know, this sounds really prosaic and absolutely not Lolita, but it’s reasonable. Sorry.
  • Here something more poetic: Make little treasure chests. If you find an empty casket, fill it with things you don’t really need but want to keep, though. They are like little time capsules that you may open from time to time (or at your next tidy-up session) and can hold things like a small mortar, left over from an old chemists set, the stump of a pencil, tuppence from 1971, some lace, a bit of sealing wax, your birth bracelet, a small unpolished garnet, a hair clip, a black dice, a polymer clay croissant, a shard, a little bell, a sachet of fair trade sugar, a pearly marble and your bronze German Ballroom Dancing emblem.

    And it is not even full yet...
    And it is not even full yet…
  • The right music is very important. I’d rather suggest something faster as slow music is perfect to sit down and get sleepy while flipping through those old magazines that may contain something worth keeping… Something with a nice rhythm that makes your feet dance (e.g. Mika or some picture soundtracks like Hairspray) is pretty good for cleaning up but you might even go for something angry. To tidy up your room while being furious is perfect to get your adrenaline level down!
  • Don’t hit yourself in the face (at the side of the nose, right at the bone’s beginning, to be exact) with your vacuum cleaner’s plug-on-a-cable. It hurts.
  • If you are sick of tidying your stuff, take the chance and use it! Sew off the fabrics in tiny projects (e.g. yuletide presents – it’s coming up…), hang up self-drawn pictures, photographs and prints (with nice frames) and decorate your chambers with all the whimsical stuff you find.
  • And last, but surely not least, my most important advice: Don’t start writing a blog entry while cleaning and tidying up! You won’t get anything done… (no, I’m already finished ^^).

I’ll fetch me a sandwich, if you’ll excuse me…


Any thoughts?

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