The Last Hours of September

It is about half past eight post meridiem at the moment, at least here in Germany. I’ve been 20 for eleven days now and I can’t really tell a difference to being 19 but maybe this will change sooner or later (presumably not). September is a great month, not only because of my birthday that was not to spectacular this year. I pretty much fed on chocolate dough cheese cake for some days as my only visitor (the Satyr, everybody else were already engaged elsewhere.) sadly had to go before the cake came out of the oven. I got a spring form from my great-aunt that I could use very well (the other presents included amber studs with silver suns and shoe cleaning equipment. Oh, and socks. The socks are essential.). ^^

The orientation days at university are starting next Tuesday and I’ve got to admit that I am pretty nervous – it will be like a new school. Only with more specialisation. I am also really excited about moving to Marburg, even though that will be not until December. Pleasant anticipation is something wonderful.

My Lolita Work in Progress is going not perfectly fast but quite well, at the moment I am getting around linking the pieces of my test dress. ^^

I also hope that I’ll be able to finish my part of the Halloween Swap on Natron & Soda this weekend – deadline is on Tuesday.

That’s all, I suppose, with my little update on the daily matters. Next time I’ll post something concerning the progress of my test dress!


Any thoughts?

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