13 Random Facts

I really like “random facts” lists. They are rather senseless and hogwash but fun.

Here is mine.

  1. I tended to shout “That’s not historically correct!” in front of the TV when I was eight. I still do that.
  2. Every day I make a tally sheet on how many comments I have already made at pupéegirl.
  3. I love ballroom dancing but always fear that I am not good enough (any more) after years of only dancing alone in the privacy of my chambers.
  4. I indeed wanted to be an acrobat – a wire walker, to be more precisely – when I was little. I’m still fascinated by the circus theme.
  5. I get really nervous when I notice literal errors in magazines and books and have the urgent need to correct them, a habit that can lead to weird situations.
  6. I think that a Sapphire as the “September birthday gemstone” does not fit at all.
  7. My waist circumference is three clothing sizes smaller than my hip and bust according to tables. And I’ve got to admit that I’m proud of that. ^^
  8. I know that a hair brush with wooden bristles would be nicer and healthier but I prefer metal bristles as they are more effective on my hair.
  9. I’ve shown allergic reactions on: Strawberries, house dust, peanut butter, a guy from my dancing lessons and theatre make-up/ paint.
  10. The hair colours I have had include black, chocolate brown, purple, pink, natural red, blonde (when I was about two years old), a horrible apricot-orange-thing, black-red, red and dark blonde (natural).
  11. Ham noodles with apple mash taste great. I would not have them any other way.
  12. At several old schools of mine I have been known as “The (little) Girl with the Survival Backpack”. According to my mother, my backpack will never be stolen as possible thieves would fear that the backpack would come alive and eat them.
  13. For the last four terms at school I spent over one-and-a-half hour at least on each of my time tables.

Any thoughts?

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