My Favourite Things


I really like the mosaic maker. It is astounding how for every person the “answer pictures” match with each other perfectly!

The things are:

  1. Favourite Colour
  2. Favourite Car
  3. Favourite Gemstone
  4. Favourite Animal
  5. Favourite Band
  6. Favourite Era
  7. Favourite Plant
  8. Favourite Fairytale (Alice in Wonderland doesn’t count. ^^)
  9. Favourite Kind of Fashion

The rules are the same as with the “pictured facts” mosaic: Choose your answer, type it into the “search” field of Google Pictures or DeviantArt, take a picture from the first page and copy its URL into one (of 3×3) of the mosaic fields.

I’d love to see your mosaics on your blogs!

(And I’ll post something more relevant next time. ^^)


Any thoughts?

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