Preparing for… Mad Hatter Day

The 6th of October is Mad Hatter Day!

(The 10th of June as well.)

We’re all mad here. And there is even a holiday for it. The Mad Hatter Day‘s date was set by the numbers of the Alice in Wonderland-Tenniel Illustration Mad Hatter’s hat’s price tag showing 10/6. I personally could not decide wether to read the date the American or the European way but that is not really a problem, it just means that I am able to celebrate that holiday twice a year.

This year, Mad Hatter Day will collide with my first day at university (it’s an orientation day, but anyway) so I will not be able to celebrate with Jules who is really sad about it if he hasn’t forgotten yet.

What to do on Mad Hatter Day? Well, as there isn’t any other Alice in Wonderland holiday (at least I couldn’t find one), why don’t have a themed tea party? Dress up as one of the characters from Wonderland or the world behind the mirror, add a hat and invite your friends to do the same. Have scones with clotted cream, strawberry tarts and caramel tea at a nicely decorated table (how about white and red roses and playing cards?). You could also enjoy a game of croquet – but don’t hurt any hedgehogs, please!

My problem is that I’ll be engaged the whole day through at university. So: What to do when you are not near your friends at all, there’s no way for a real tea party and you should dress a little less fancy according to the “first sight” people get of you at the first day or the fact that you have to go to work? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Take your tea with you in a thermos flask. Make sure it doesn’t leak and take a cup with you – not your best china, it could break -,but a less fragile mug that has a nice touch to it, though.
  2. Make some muffins or tarts for lunch. I would go for something like chocolate, walnuts or caramel, nothing that could get squishy. Maybe you would love some silly sweets, too.
  3. Don’t forget something “sensible” to eat over all the sugary stuff! I’d recommend sandwiches with ham, peanut butter, green basil cheese or, of course, cucumber.
  4. Don’t go without a hat! It has not to be the weirdest, most fancy exemplar. A bowler, a simple top hat or even a beret with some additions (e.g. plumes, buttons or pendants) will do. I personally will go for one of my velveteen caps, maybe with a nice brooch and some ribbon and feathers. Especially for the first day at a new environment like university I don’t need all the attention at once but I wouldn’t want to negate the holiday, either.

4 thoughts on “Preparing for… Mad Hatter Day

  1. That’s a fun thing, thank you for sharing this. :)
    Unfortunately being a no-hat owning person, I think I have to stick with tea only today.

    1. Next year will surely come and maybe a hat will, too.
      I love telling other people about silly holidays, even if they are quite puzzled after my explanations (they were at university. Why the hell is that girl with the weird hat drinking her tea from a cup instead of a bottle, like everyone else?). ^^

  2. You have such a pretty blog!
    I’m having a lot of fun reading it ^.^
    I never knew about Mad Hatter Day until today, just in time! I’ll have to make sure to have a nice cup of tea in between classes and wear a hat to school tomorrow >.<
    Hope you have a good day!

    1. I had a wonderful day, thank you (you as well, I hope?) although I was very nervous about the first day at university. But I indeed took a cup with me and had my tea in the lecture theatre. ^^

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