Castle Waiting

Only 47 more days until moving. Only 26 times of rising at 5 AM. It is quite cold here in Frankfurt and it is even colder in Marburg, but my corduroy jacket and my velveteen hood scarf (or is it a scarf hood?) kept me warm during the last days.


The local comic shop in Marburg is a really amazing place, full of more or less artistic graphic novels, merchandise, posters, books and other whimsical stuff. It’s showcase is so crowded that one can’t even see the name of the shop that is printed on it. And instead of writing the name on the large, elliptic yellow sign that sticks out to the street, they only have a bat sign there.

I bought a comic there last Thursday, Castle Waiting – The Curse of Brambly Hedge, a very daring interpretation of the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty, by Linda Medley. Something really interesting is the different view on fairy tales and the usual “happily ever after” at their end. The tale may be told for the princess and prince charming, but what indeed is the matter with all the other characters occurring in such stories, afterwards?

I think I’ve got to dedicate a whole post to the topic of the “waiting for prince charming” thing…

Castle Waiting is a magnificent adaption of an old theme, with some great laughs here and there (if you get the chance to read it – what I couldn’t recommend more highly – tell me your favourite scenes! I personally love the frog at the pond the queen is swimming in), tiny, loving details (e.g. the inside of the cover) and stunningly creative and unusual characters. I hope to get my hands on some of the other books of the series soon…

Go and read it!


2 thoughts on “Castle Waiting

  1. It sounds like a wonderful book :) *sigh* I adore old fairytales… Hopefully I can get my hands on this book someday >.<

  2. Oh yes, fairy tales are great (I’m studying at the same university as the Grimm brothers did, by the way ^^)!
    You’re from the USA, aren’t you? I think it’s more likely to get the “Castle Waiting” series overseas than here in Germany, just ask for it at your local comic shop (if there is such a thing). Good luck! :)

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