All Hallows Even’s drawing near…

I just couldn't leave the post without a picture... even if this was taken in June
I just couldn't leave the post without a picture... even if this was taken in June

It’s October now which means that I’m off to university. A fact that surely will not detain me in my plans for Halloween.

I love dressing up. Last year I disguised as one of the walking dead which lead to some very special situations at school and at home.

I am indeed not going to a party this year, instead we will play our first adventure of GRIMM. I’ll be carving the pumpkins on Friday and make a nice soup or pie out of the flesh on Saturday. Maybe we will go to town for an hour or two, just to show off in our costumes and prance around a bit (at least, Halloween is the only day of the year that you won’t get silly comments for dressing in black and lace ^^). I just don’t know what to wear (or better: I can’t decide)!

The options are (with short descriptions):

  1. Twisted Snow White: Light skeleton make-up, white dress, red bodice, dyed hair (sort of).
  2. Twisted Red Riding Hood: Red dress or shirt/ bodice and skirt, cloak and bonnet, wolf teeth, basket.
  3. Marionette: Strings attached to limbs, or Puppet: with clockwork and windup key.
  4. Titania: A little arrogant, but challenging in white lace, a kind of creepy fairy queen.
  5. Something different. But I’d really like to try this make-up this year (I think it is going quite well with the themes above if altered a little bit)!

I’d really love to hear your suggestions and/ or opinions, so please tell me!


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