After All Souls’ Night


I hope you all had a really nice Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve or Samhain.

Mine was pretty funny and neat although I got newly nicknamed “Mother Hulda” (it’s Frau Holle in German, which sounds somewhat nicer) by the Satyr as I covered our whole castle in snowy white fluff from sewing my costume and we didn’t play GRIMM at all (we were too busy with eating up the sweets that were left over as Halloween is not very popular amongst the German children any more  and our sushi when it came to Jules and me or Thai Food for Satyr and Bambi). Well, we re-made the date to happen next Saturday. ^^

I love how my pumpkin turned out. Typically, I carved it last-minute, when my costume was ready and the Satyr was already sitting in our castle’s kitchen. To be fair, I’ve got to say that he helped me very much with the basic carving when he could have sipped his tea and watched me making a more or less pumpkin-covered fool of myself.

Oh, the one you can see in front of the château at the mosaic (second row, right) is Jules who wore a magnificent blue glacé frock he made, with false fur trimmings and beautiful reddish-golden lace. I hope he’ll post some pictures at his own blog soon.

As for my costume: I got the idea from the wonderful Victoria Suzanne of Lolita Charm who posted a set of 50 very cute and extraordinary costume suggestions lately. I decided to dress up as a kind of older female Max from Where the Wild Things are by the genius Maurice Sendak. I really love the book and the illustrations, I just had to think of a way to get the costume within two days. It came out as an open-front hooded jacket of white microfiber from a pattern of my own and matching gaiters together with black basics and a huge cardboard crown. I sadly had no chance to try the great vampire make-up I showed you some posts before, but applied some brown eye-shadow and  some dark lipstick. Well, nobody tried to convince me to disguise myself as a deadly attractive Snow White :P , so… maybe one fine other day.

Did I forget something?

Yes, the burying of an apple for the dead. Sadly. I think those (neo-)pagan rites are quite earthing and let one think of the things that wait for us in the otherworldly shadows…


Any thoughts?

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