10 Pleasures in November

rbdji (6)

  1. Marc Warren – incredibly creepy and insane as Mister Teatime (“It’s Teh-ah-tim-eh, Sir.”), cute and caring as John Smith in Ballet Shoes, dark and daring as Dracula. He has very an unusual face and the fact that one rarely sees him smiling in the pictures makes him just more fascinating.
  2. The Welsh flag – I’ve got two of them, one at the wall of my room at my father’s and one at my mother’s (the first one will move along to Marburg), each of them over my bed. In my opinion, there isn’t any other real flag as cool as the red dragon. I also have to admit that sometimes, when I’m all alone in the flat and I am overcome with fear of the creatures that lurk in the dark I imagine that the red dragon is protecting me, coming to life and building a nest for me by curling up around my mattress, warming me with his breath and scaring away all nightmares.
  3. Gothic and Gothic Revival Architecture – I really like Gothic architecture, but the revival is very nice, as well. The Old University of Marburg is built in this style and often nicknamed as “the Harry Potter Castle” or described as “looking as a university should look like”. The most famous Gothic building in Marburg would be Elisabeth Church, dedicated to the saint with one of the most enchanting stories about holy people at all, the miracle of the roses.
  4. The Cold Weather – Finally a chance to wear layers and woolen tights again! I also love my military-inspired black coat and boots that make an awesome couple.
  5. Cheese. I admit it. I’m a cheese lover. Even if it’s not a dairy but a supermarket where you buy your cheese, have a look-out for more “oddly” varieties of cheese with herbage, mould or nuts.
  6. Thinking of Yuletide Presents! Indeed, every year I’m starting earlier (mostly about May to August) by noting down what my beloved ones could need or like. For example the friend, who’s worn-down bag didn’t last trough the first weeks of university could use a bag or backpack that fits his black coat better than that ugly thing he is carrying around at the moment (not as if this was the matter with one of my friends, never… ^^).
  7. The Smell of Leather – The vegans will loathe me for this, but I just love the flavour. The one of shoe polish, too, by the way.
  8. Doors. I keep dreaming of them. Large, white doors in buildings I know in places where I never saw them before. Doors at the back of stairs, to crawl though a house’s bones, doors to unknown white rooms of my old school, covered in paint. Tolkien once said that cellar door was the most beautiful word of the English language.
  9. Astrid Lindgren. The swedish writer who made up all those heroes and heroines of my childhood – Ronia the Robber’s Daughter, Britt-Mari, Emil of Lönneberga, The Brothers Lionheart, The Six Bullerby Children and of course the unforgettable Pippi Longstocking and my favourites, the Children of Seacrow Island and Kalle Blomkvist (Bill Bergson in English).
  10. The Fog. Quite early in the morning, around 5 AM, the sky I can see trough my bower’s window is nearly yellow with mist that is illuminated by early or very late city lights. When I get on the train, it travels through the thick white morning haze, letting me think of a bridge, as I can’t see the land surrounding us, that leads to Marburg which lays like an island in all the nebula, encircled snugly by its hills…

    Any thoughts?

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