Sealings, Words and Soap Bags

I am indeed not posting much lately, but this is caused by the little time I’ve got during the week: University is keeping me busy.
I’ve got to say that I really like Old Irish – it sounds very unusual if one is not used to it, but I like the slightly rough sound – like a quite cool zephyr grinding on the cliffs that point out to the sea.
New Irish is also nice, but the lessons tend to be a little unstructured sometimes. At least I already finished my homework for both so I will be able to study at the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, I planned to get the material for my bed and shape the pieces today. It’s only 17 more days until we’ll be able to call the small white house in the green lane our home! I already started packing with some dinnerware and other smaller stuff at my mother’s castle and about 90 books here – I stopped because of a lack of cardboard boxes. Hopefully I’ll get some empty ones tomorrow.

On Tuesday I gave my first university presentation at Celtic Studies at the subject of the medieval Celts of Scotland, Wales, Brittany and the Isle of Man within ten minutes. The thing is: each and every time I’ve got to hold a presentation I get the most forcible adrenaline rush. I also had this when I was still in school, on stage at the drama club, when I’ve got to sing in public, at my graduation. Most people seem to consider me very confident, but inwardly I am pretty shy and always worrying the making of mistakes (and nobody believes it when I say so). But when I am there, standing out, speaking in front of dozens of people, it is all gone. No, not gone, but the unhealthy excitement is blown away, leaving just the leading lady, the lead singer, the drama queen at centre stage. The Satyr called it “an otter on drugs” (but I think he meant it favourably) as I tend to be very lively, blithe and awake in these situations. Well, at least nobody fell asleep.

Love gets words…

I also crafted a little bit-  if painting my seals (I couldn’t get a better picture of the sealings. It’s: black/ closed rosebud, teal/ coat of arms, red/ anchor and crown) counts. They are made of polymer clay with buttons as sealing part and laquered with nail polish. I had to get the teal paint just yesterday morning, but it had to be some kind of green! I also sewed a soap bag for Marburg, just to use that fabric I had left over for over a year now. I’ve got to reduce my fabric reserves anyway. Next week I think will be wholly dedicated to organise my closet, sorting out what I won’t wear any more, repairing what has to be repaired and making a list of what I’ll need furthermore. Maybe I could do some of the darning, darting and patching on the train…


Any thoughts?

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