Packing Delusion

An old-fashioned alarm clock, a game of domino, The Settlers III plus Quest of the Amazons, a set of memory cards, fabric paint (red, blue, red, dark red, ochre, green, yellow), lacquer, pigment aquarelle colours (red, dark red, blue), Loreena McKennit – To Drive the Cold Winter away, Celtic Wonder CD, Sagas of the Middle Ages, an old-fashioned candle holder, tuner, three and a half beeswax candles, old pencil-case from the 60s, small Baoding ball, small crossbow and vacuum bolt, roller cutter, star globe lamp, an unpainted polymer clay steampunk hand pendant, a yet unpainted cameo ring and brooch, a persea americana seed, a little woolen plush mouse from my grandmother’s time at the theatre, a black net glove, calligraphy nibs, a west my mother brought from Egypt long ago, five Clamp chess pieces, a pair of bunny ear hair clips, a toothbrush stick, self-spun wool, a little sheep doll (souvenir from Scotland), an antique hairbrush, a miniature latin dictionary, a glassful of buttons, soft pastels, three boxes of watercolour, a box of wax sticks, a bundle of old teeth brushes and a screen, a pair of compasses (the math kind), eyelet tools, soap bag with three soaps, a note-book (souvenir from Paris), a doll, the Leprechaun Barbie from the Goth Barbie swap, ink (sepia & black), menthol ointment from the Halloween swap, small fish statue, little Hindu goddess, a wooden toy alligator, a wooden hang-up duck, a package of black henna, a wooden yo-yo, The Dresden Files DVD, American McGee’s Alice, Neverwinter Nights, some seasons of Doctor Who, Terry Pratchett audio books, The Darkness – Permission to Land, another spindle of CDs, caramel for tea, blackthorn-cinnamon tea, Grandfather’s berry harvest (isn’t the name lovely?) tea, a papier mâché figure I made in 11th form, a self casted candle that looks like honey, a dress clasp, a stone from Denmark, a miniature hippopotamus, wooden stamps, a tiny round metal capsule I got from my father, a little clay figure I made at school, a set of false lashes, my name stamp plus letters, a wooden pear-shaped savings box, sheep-shaped soap, three batteries, a cupcake-shaped India rubber, a Warhammer figure I got for my seventeenth birthday, dried slices of orange, a wooden riddle, blackcurrant pastilles, red satin band, a rope, a top, white eyeshadow, two more note books, my fairytale curtains and now the cardboard box is finally entirely full.


Any thoughts?

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